Why is there a government? What is a nation-state? Why are there so many different political systems and how do they work? How does politics affect our lives? What accounts for the existence of different political parties and different party systems? What characterizes state-society relations? To what extent do economic systems shape politics? Where do collective identities stand in a political system? Why do nations or ethnic groups fight? How can we resolve regional, international, ethnic conflicts, and civil wars? Where is the international system heading? How do global problems affect our daily lives? These are some of the critical questions that are discussed in the discipline of Political Science and International Relations.

Our department has a strong academic staff from a variety of domestic and international experiences. With its dynamic and modern academic curriculum, the Department of Political Science and International Relations offers an engaging and promising program to help its students emerge as responsible and considerate citizens of the global community. Our students receive a rigorous academic training and earn practical skills to succeed in their careers. The Academic staff provide close and active guidance and support their students to succeed under this system. Furthermore, double major and minor options allow students the chance to obtain a second diploma or a certificate.

Our international agreements with some of the leading academic institutions in the world and the Erasmus exchange program provide students unique opportunities to acquire invaluable international experiences and global exposure. We encourage our students to spend at least one semester outside Turkey and encourage them to do internships at leading international organizations to gain practical experiences in actual political and diplomatic life.